How Singing Bowls are Important in Healing

06 Nov

Singing bowls were first made in Tibet close to one thousand years ago and are mostly used by Tibetans for their rituals. When played, singing bowls produce a rhythmic sound. They were made of different metals, mostly seven or nine namely copper, tin, iron, silver, gold, mercury, and others. Most of the singing bowls used today are made of three or five metals. Singing bowls made of modern metal are usually made using the same type of metals, they also use casts to allow uniformity so that they can be easy to use and make you avoid the hustle of learning each singing bowl. This is very important for people who are poor in keeping time.

Antique SSI bowls can also be used, but they are not familiar and also more expensive as compared to the modern ones. Crystal singing bowls are made by hand using a large piece of crystal which makes them unique. Singing bowls are in most cases used while one wants to meditate. More people prefer crystal bowls which produce a higher pitch than the metal ones. Most singing bowls have straight edges thus making them easy to learn how to operate. You can also use singing bowls during yoga lessons when people are meditating. Singing bowls are used for healing purposes, for people who want to meditate or relax.  

When the bowls are played, they produce relaxing tones at that help to create harmony between the body and the soul. When the bowls are placed on your body, the ringing makes the waves of the sound get to all cells using vibrations which massage the cells. Before it is too long the body feels relaxed. Sick and ailing bodies get healing through this kind of vibrations. There is also some relaxation that one feels when playing the singing bowls. Singing bowls can either be played using a mallet or rubbing the bowl with a wooden stick. In both ways, some melodious tones are produced. When you want to play the singing bowl, you should lay flat on the ground, place the bowl on the chest and then start playing the bowl. When you start playing, you will feel the vibrations as they go through your body and then you will feel the relaxation deep in the body. It is essential to keep striking the bowl when you have the energy although the bowl continues to sing for a while.

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